Every tent in our offer requires a team effort. We have specialist in tent designing, testing and manufacturing... Our professional team has almost 30 years of experience in the production of tents. This gives us confidence that we deliver the highest quality products. We know what we do and - most importantly - we love it. Knowing that we take part in your holiday adventures and expeditions gives us a lot of satisfaction.

Irena Gamrot

Irena is our head of production. She created our company from its very beginning. She also manufactured the first Marabut tents. If you call our servicing department, the most likely you would talk with her. She knows everything about production of tents. Without her, our work would be very difficult.

Adam Szostak

Adam is our tent designer. He is responsible for turning ideas into reality. He knows tents like nobody else. Practically, he constructed all Marabut models. We work together for 25 years.

Ewa Tekieli

Ewa constructs the prototypes of our tents. Her precise work provides us with prototypes of new models, introduced to the market at later stages. Ewa is with our company from the very beginning.

Barbara Kromka

Basia is in charge of quality control. It is her She would detect any shortcoming. It is her responsibility to provide you with faultless tents.

Darek Gruszka

Darek manages our website and Facebook profile. He regularly contacts travellers and climbers to get ideas for improving different tent models. He started his work for the company 15 years ago and he convinced us to produce first expedition tents (Komodo Plus, Tengri, Baltoro). Most names of the tent models are his ideas.

Ola Dzik

Ola is our tester. She is the first Polish "snow leopard". If you take a look at her expeditions and conditions in places she visited, you would know that our tents are really well-tested.

Mateusz Rostworowski

Mateusz is a member of the Board. He is also involved in the second part of our business, which is securing ski slopes. He makes Marabut logo visible on many ski slopes in Poland and abroad.

Karol Rostworowski

Chairman of the Board. One of the three founders of the company (1989). He constructed his first "igloo-shaped" tent in 1988 for own needs. After putting it up on a beach in Bulgaria, the tent became a local sensation. This was the beginning of the idea to start a tent business. This adventure continues to this day.