Repair tube for 9.5 mm aluminium poles

Aluminium poles used in our tents are very strong, but we cannot exclude the possibility of their damage.
In such case we recommend to use our repair tube, which should be slid onto broken/damaged area in order to brace and protect it, ensuring accurate performance of the pole.
- designed for ø9.5 mm poles 
- tube diameter: 11 mm
- tube length 130 mm
How to use it?
After sliding the tube onto the damaged area, it should be secured against movement using an adhesive tape (sticking plaster, insulation tape etc.) or by bending it with a tool (e.g. pliers, tongs) or other hard item (a stone etc.).
Supply of this product is actually temporarily unavailable. For information on its availability, please contact us by email or phone: +48 12 270 24 24