Tarp - camping flysheet

When a tent is too heavy or even unnecessary  during your trip, but you realize that it would be better to have a roof above your head when camping – “Tarp” will answer your needs. This is a perfect solution for those who want to be close to the nature or it may serve as an additional protection of your camp. 
Poles are not included ! The flysheet may be put up using telescope poles, ski poles or any available means (e.g. suspended among trees) known those familiar with survival skills.

Tarp - camping flysheet DETAILS

1 kg
25cm / 15 cm

Tarp - camping flysheet

3-year guarantee
Marabut tents are covered by a 3-year guarantee. Any faults resulting from the quality of materials and workmanship that occur within this period will be removed free of charge. Our tents are manufactured in Poland – this make guarantee repairs quick and reliable
After-sales services
Users of Marabut tents are provided with unlimited after-guarantee services performed in our factory. These services include: replacing floors and zippers, repairing poles and providing their replicas according to dimensions specified by the customer and sewing services.
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Tarp - camping flysheet TESTS

Before we introduce a tent into the market, we develop its prototypes and hand them over to our testers. The testers use the prototypes in the worst possible weather conditions. We like to test our tents in the Himalayas, but when it is not required they are tested during long-distance journeys that last several months. The tent must perform well in all weather conditions (snow, cold, wind) and withstand hundreds of pitch up and packing operations. After that we listen the comments of our testers - we focus on any detected faults and shortcomings – this process ensures that our tents are THOROUGHLY TESTED.

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Supply of this product is actually temporarily unavailable. For information on its availability, please contact us by email or phone: +48 12 270 24 24